Meet the Team

  • PRESIDENT: Emily Meggs
  • SECRETARY: Amanda Perera
  • TREASURER: Julianna Carreno Ariza
  • EVENTS OFFICER: Srijita Gupta
  • EVENTS OFFICER: Nipuni Bandaranayaka
  • BLOG MANAGING EDITOR: Evans Gwatidzo
  • BLOG MANAGING EDITOR: Yvanah Hernandez
  • WEBSITE EDITOR: Yvanah Hernandez
“I joined the MIDPA during my first semester at Monash because I was really keen to explore the Australian student life and it was a great opportunity for me to gain skills outside of the class room. MIDPA has been very supportive and helped me to settle and build a community away from home.”
– Omar Elkashawy 2019 Student Representative
“Last year I made the leap to join the MIDPA because I wanted to increase my skillset and be more involved in student life. I had no idea I’d be a part of such a fun and diverse family of students that has taught me more than I could ever imagine!”
– Emily Meggs 2019 President
“I joined the MIDPA late last year as I wanted to be more involved with the course and be more active in shaping and enhancing my post-graduate experience. Best decision ever! I’ve made such wonderful friends and had the chance to network with a lot of passionate and inspiring people.”
– Hoeun Im 2018/19 Vice President, Communications Officer and Website Editor
“Getting involved has not only developed my team-working skills but has made me acquainted with like-minded individuals who are passionate about positive and sustainable social change.”
– Yvanah Hernandez
2019 Blog Managing Editor and Website Editor
“I have joined the MIDP Association as an opportunity to develop my network, get involved in student life and further my technical and soft skills.” – Juliana Carreno 2019 Treasurer