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  1. What we’ve seen is a continuing trend towards neoliberal predominance, one that inevitably puts self interests ahead of collectivist societal, economic and political benefits. This shift began during the Reagan-Thatcher era and irrespective of which political parties have been elected, neoliberalism has won out. A quick glance at shows that the major differences between the left and right is not in economic policy but rather on issues relating to social platforms such as marriage equality, gun control, euthanasia, and the legal status of marijuana.

    In attempting to balance peace (physical security) with social justice, there needs to be a concerted legitimisation of jus pos bellum (post conflict justice) and this requires difficult comprises including pathways for disarmament, forgiveness, and amnesty; concepts that populaces under a period long, bloody sieges may not be willing to accept.

    Should international norms such as the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) be applied to quickly and (fiorcefully) resolve this dissonance? History has shown that such military interventions often lead to far more bloody outcomes.

    Ultimately, to paraphrase Churchill, democracy might not be the best option but it’s the best we have so far.

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